MICROPAS defines a zone by a specific set of features and assumptions. Most plans typically require only one zone. Ekotrope and Rem/Rate xml files are imported as a single zone with a default name of “Whole House”. Some circumstances may require more than one zone, usually a larger home requiring more than one HVAC system type.

A zone is defined by the following:

  • General Information (floor area, volume, infiltration, etc.)
  • Mechanical (single heating and cooling system type, ducts etc.)
  • Walls
  • Foundation walls
  • Roof/ceilings
  • Doors
  • Framed floors
  • And Slabs

Figure 1: Zone = “Whole House”

Components Library

On import Ekotrope and Remrate construction types are copied over and placed in the Component Library. The component library only exists for the plan and is not available across plans. Three component tabs are created: “Wall, ceiling, floor and door”, “Fenestration” and “Overhangs”. Mechanical and slab features exist in the appropriate Zone tab.

It should be noted that U-Factor values for component library items are not provided in the Ekotrope or Remrate xml file. Some basic information about the construction type is provided and is used to calculate a U-Factor on import. U-Factor values should be carefully reviewed and updated as needed.