About us

Since 2007, CHEERS 45L has provided builders and Home Energy raters 45L services across the country.

  • Our projects span across 40 states with the nations largest builders, helping certify over 600,00 homes for the 45L credit.
  • Based in Sacramento California, CHEERS 45L is comprised of engineers, energy efficiency specialists, and software developers.
  • Exceptional customer service is at the heart of what we do. We deliver, always.


CHEERS 45L and their team is always very thorough and wonderful to work with!  With their help, LGI  was able to qualify thousands of homes for 45L tax credits.  I would highly recommend CHEERS 45L and the service they offer.”

LGI Homes
Builder, Texas

“Delivering 45L certificates generated with Department of Energy approved software was important to us. We looked at other competitors and chose CHEERS 45L for the cost, self-service & full service options and the team’s professionalism.”

Energy Diagnostics
HERS Raters, Indiana

“The CHEERS 45L self-service web app is simple, intuitive and easy to use. Importing projects was seamless; I was quickly able to find several homes that passed the tax credit with CHEERS 45L which had previously failed in other 45L software. The support staff was incredibly responsive. I highly recommend using CHEERS 45L for the 45L tax credit.”

IC Energy Services
HERS Raters, Indiana

Where we work:

1610 R Street
Suite 200
Sacramento, CA 95811

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