Rater Services


CHEERS 45L has worked with Rater companies throughout the country to qualify hundreds of builders for the $2,000 per home 45L Tax Credit. To request a review of your project, please contact us and we will walk you through the CHEERS 45L tax credit process.


CHEERS 45L will review any single family and multi-family (up to 3 stories). We simply need a set of plans and contact information. We will review the plans and let you know if they can qualify for the tax credit. 


CHEERS 45L staff are extremely well versed in the 45L tax credit IRS guidelines, requirements and certification process. We are your source for 45L information and we will keep you up to date on all 45L related activities including the status of tax extensions and any actions impacting the tax credit. 


CHEERS 45L offers additional services you may need to qualify your builder's homes for the 45L Tax Credit. We have accredited energy analysts and Raters on staff to provide energy modeling and site verification services. 

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