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Hundreds of home builders including 85% of the of the nations Top 20 Builders work with qualified 45L Rater certifiers who utilize CHEERS 45L services to certify their builder's homes. These builders include D.R. Horton, KB Home, Pulte, Lennar, David Weekley, Meritage, Taylor Morrison and many more. We have worked with Raters across the U.S. to assist them in qualifying their national and local builder clients for the 45L tax credit. Raters have qualified homes in a majority of the the country’s 50 largest new-home markets. Our team is dedicated to helping builders take advantage of the $2,000 per home tax credit.

Builders and developers can claim the tax credit retroactively for up to three years. Contact us to discuss your projects and how we can help you claim the tax credit on your 2016-2020 projects. 

“...CHEERS helped us to take advantage of an important tax credit and without them this would not have been possible.”

Becky Naulty

Purchasing Manager


You must have a qualified Rater (45L certifier) verify that your homes meet the 45L requirements. Our clients are Raters and we provide them with the services they need to certify builder's homes including 45L software and training, plan energy modeling and field verification. As an expert in the 45L tax credit we keep Raters updated on the latest 45L information including tax extension updates and any actions impacting the tax credit.


If you do not have a Rater you still may be able to qualify your 2016-2020 projects. CHEERS 45L can provide referrals for accredited 45L Rater companies to serve you.  If your current Rater has not already registered with CHEERS 45L, please contact us and we will walk the Rater through the CHEERS 45L tax credit process. 


CHEERS 45L will review any single family and multi-family (up to 3 stories). We simply need a set of plans and contact information. We will review your plans and let you know if they can qualify for the tax credit. 


Want to talk with a builder about their experience working with CHEERS 45L? Contact Bob Johnson at sales@CHEERS45L.com or (559) 308-6045 and he will provide you with the contact information for multiple Top 100 builder references. 

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